Conspiracy Con - 3 May 24& 25th, 2003
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Carol Brouillet
Ken Jenkens
9-11: The Hijacking of America 1 $14.95  
Jim Marrs JFK Assassination - 101 1 $14.95  
Dr. Stan Monteith The Origin of Wars and Revolutions 1 $14.95  
Michael Tsarion The Subversive use of Sacred Symbolism 1 $14.95  
Arizona Wilder Deceived No More: Liberation from Mind Control 1 $14.95  
Jordan Maxwell The All-Seeing Eye and the Great Pyramid 1 $14.95  
Jerry E. Smith HAARP, Mind Control and the New World Order 1 $14.95  
Kenn Thomas The Octopus, 9-11 and Bin Laden 1 $14.95  
Panel Discussion Richard Hoagland, Jim Marrs, Jerry Smith, Stan Monteith, Kenn Thomas, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Arizona Wilder, Carol Brouillet & Ken Jenkins 1 $14.95  
$5.00 S. & H. for the first DVD $1.00 for each additonal DVD
Own all nine presentations on DVD (a $134.55 value) for only $104.95 plus S. & H.
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$ 104.95
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