Conspiracy Con - 12 June 2 & 3, 2012
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DVD's now available for CONSPIRACY CON 11. DVD's for all previous year's presentations also available.
NOTE: The DVD format is (-R). Please check your DVD player for compatibility before ordering. Thank you.
Name of Lecturer Title of Presentation DVD(-R format)   Cost     Total
Jim Traficant, Former Congressman THE LAST MINUTEMAN
1   $19.95      
Dr. Stan Monteith AGENDA 21: The Master Plan To Destroy Civilization 1   $19.95      
Kerry Cassidy 2012 & BEYOND: Humanity, Get Off Your Knees 1   $19.95      
Jim Fetzer 9/11: PLANES OR NO PLANES: Were All Four 9/11 Crash Sites Faked? 1   $19.95      
Jay Weidner THE SECRETS OF SELENA: The Moon And Faked Apollo Footage 1   $19.95      
Brian Sussman CLIMATE-GATE & ECO-TYRANNY: The Hidden Green Agenda 1   $19.95      
Mickey Huff PROJECT CENSORED: The Architecture Of Censorship In A Free Press Society 1   $19.95      
Doc Marquis NAZI UFOs & THE ILLUMINATI HIDDEN AGENDA 1   $19.95      
Gary Arnold & Deborah Tavares SMART METERS OR MURDER METERS: The Grid That Can Kill 1   $19.95      
Dr. Nancy Turner Banks AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS & EMPIRE: The Deadly Virus Of Int'l Greed 1   $19.95      
George Noory of Coast To Coast AM 2012 AND THE STATE OF THE HUMAN RACE 1   $19.95      
2012 Speaker Panel Discussion LIVELY Q. & A. WITH MOST OF THE SPEAKERS 1   $19.95      
DVD's(-R Format): $19.95 ea. (Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping)
$5.00 S. & H. for the first DVD $1.00 for each additional DVD
Own all twelve presentations on DVD (a $240.00 value) for only $199.95
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(an extra $5.00 off)
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$ 199.95
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