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By Peter Papaherakles – June 6, 2012
SAN JOSE, Calif.---AFP's [American Free Press] own Jim Traficant rocked the Santa Clara Marriott on June 2, as a crowd of hundreds gathered from across the country to attend Conspiracy Conference 2012 in San Jose, Calif. on the weekend of June 2-3. Organized by activist Brian Hall, the conference has been bringing together some of the top names from across America's freedom movement to highlight awareness the many ways the government is deceiving and exploiting the American people. Over the past 12 years, subjects have ranged from the 9-11 deception to chemtrails to media manipulation to medical conspiracy to global warming and even UFOs and the paranormal. No conspiracy is left unquestioned.

This year Traficant was the main speaker. He had the audience spellbound as he recounted his years in Congress and his battles with corrupt government. He also recounted how he was taken down and sent to prison—or "art school" as he called it—for seven years. He also revealed some very important information about the Kennedy assassination and Pan Am Flight 103.

Traficant also focused on how Israel has a stranglehold on America. Unless we break free of this, he added, our country will soon end up in the trash bin of history. The crowd responded well to that, giving him a thunderous standing ovation at the end of his speech.

George Noory of the hugely popular radio program Coast to Coast was the banquet speaker. His show is the most popular overnight radio program in the country, carried by 560 radio stations in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Jay Weidener talked about Stanley Kubrick, one of the best film directors who ever lived. Kubrick's movies communicated on many levels, and Weidner revealed what Kubrick was really trying to tell us. In his famous movie The Shining, Kubrick tells us how he filmed the fake Moon landing. In Eyes Wide Shut he revealed how the satanic cult of the Illuminati rules the world, a revelation that might have cost him his life.

Doc Marquis revealed how there had never been a period of more inventions than Nazi Germany— inventing radar, television, rockets and even flying saucers. What we were duped into believing were aliens in the 1940s and 1950s were in reality flying disks developed by Germans who were brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip.

Other speakers included Jim Fetzer, Stan Monteith, Brian Sussman, Mickey Huff, Nancy Banks, Deborah Tavares and Gary Arnold. The conference concluded with a discussion panel consisting of most of the speakers answering questions by the audience. It was interesting to see how the diverse background of the different speakers offered a rich variety of viewpoints on a given issue.

Peter Papaherakles, AFP's outreach director. If you would like to see AFP speakers at your rally, contact Pete at 202-544-5977.

Conspiracy Con 2012
By Doc Marquis

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After more than a decade's worth of Conspiracy Con gatherings you would think that some of the luster and excitement about "Conspiracy Con" would've waned. But, not so! Once again Brian Hall had risen to the challenge and produced yet another success: this time at "Conspiracy Con 2012".

As always, professionalism was the mainstay in which Brian coordinated and ran this event. The speakers, too numerous to go into, pulled out presentation after presentation and riveted their audience with very informative and exciting materials.

For me, the one speaker which really stood out and touched me deeply was Deborah Tavares and her presentation on "Smart Meters". Her presentation was not only brilliantly put together and explained, but it was also outshined by her depth of sincerity which was genuinely palpable as she gave her lecture. And even after her lecture, Deborah's sincerity did not wane; in fact, it only grew in intensity as the sun at high noon with everyone she had spoken to.

Deborah, simply another mom in California, became aware of the "legal"(?) "Smart Meters" being forced upon average CA citizens, took it upon herself to sound the warning cry and all of its hidden dangers. Such a daunting and frightening task brought out the sleeping giant within her and, to this very day she boldly stands up and cries out "NO!"; this cannot be tolerated. And for those of you who are unaware of Deborah's herculean stance against "Smart Meters", I urge you to look into it on Yahoo and other places and learn the heinous truth for yourself.

Then there was Dr. Stan Monteith. That's really all I need to say. As always, he gave an amazing presentation; this time on "Agenda 21: The Master Plan to Destroy Civilization". Always expect nothing but nuggets of gold wisdom to come from this Man of God. Avail yourself to his presentation once it has become available on DVD.

Brian Hall. Sincere, genuine, and concerned. These are three of the best words I could ever use to describe Brian and his heartfelt concern as the movers and shakers of the New World Order continuously try to ensnare us all. Dauntlessly he continues on, year after year, producing and directing "Conspiracy Con" in the hopes of making everyone of us aware of the truth of what's really going on out there. And every time I have met, or spoken for him, I am so very proud of his unrelenting stance against those who would seek to enslave us all, his unwillingness to bend in the face of such overwhelming odds and his gut wrenching determination to stay the course no matter what the cost.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Conspiracy Con 2012: The Success Continues"!

CONSPIRACY! Theory No More Commentary By Brian William Hall

Copyright © 2004

I'll begin with a question that simply needs to be asked. Why is there a pathological obsession in this country with putting the words "theory” and "theorist” after "conspiracy?” There are, at least, two possibilities that come to mind. The first is that the word "conspiracy” is like a Rorschach test. It inherently comes with a variety of psychological responses upon hearing the very word - the primary reaction (so far) being closed-mindedness. The second possibility would, indeed, suggest a conspiracy. This severe skepticism (or pathos) by most against anything that challenges traditional lore is in place by design and derived from years of indoctrination through a carefully conceived program within mainstream education, politics and media for the purpose of social, financial, political and intellectual control of the masses. Most recently, this ideology was supported (and even demanded) by George W. Bush who, after 9-11, stated publicly, "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories…”

Why would the President make such a proclamation? When something negative occurs (murder, assassination, terrorist attack, etc.) any good investigator will ask him or herself one very important question, "Who benefits from this?” Then one simply follows where the evidence and money & paper trails lead him. Why, then, wouldn't the President want people to theorize about who or what was behind the most devastating attack on American soil in history? After some thought, his decree would seem counter-productive. Unless, that is, Mr. Bush and his administration would benefit from little or no inquiry from those he professes to protect just as, say, Lyndon Johnson may have benefited from appointing the very biased Warren Commission to investigate the death of his predecessor.

Well, growing numbers of U.S. citizens are simply not wanting to trust the words of our current White House occupant and the media giants anymore. This sentiment is shared by those Americans (especially in our post 9-11 world) who are deciding to think outside of the box and do their own homework on both history and current world events. And by doing so, they have discovered that things are truly not what they appear to be on planet Earth. How do I know these people are out there? Because, I've had the honor of getting to personally know them. Furthermore, most are extremely credible individuals who simply choose to defy the mainstream and think for themselves. Each possess a passion to ask the right questions on many issues that demand further investigation, regardless of where the truth or controversy may take them. For example:

Is it a "theory” that the CIA is deeply involved in drug dealing and mind control programs; that the Federal Reserve and the IRS are not government bodies, but privately owned; that there are blatant inconsistencies in the "official” versions of the Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11; that the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor (perhaps like 9-11) was allowed to happen; that the government for 50+ years has had a sophisticated program in place to cover up the UFO phenomenon; that there was more than one gunman in the JFK assassination; that occult technologies, which may have devastating effects on our health and the environment, are being developed above and below ground; that the Chemtrail phenomenon is real and many "trails” contain hazardous chemicals and/or biologicals; that AIDS and other "designer” diseases were manufactured for depopulation purposes; that non-polluting free energies and life-saving alternative medicines are suppressed by powerful corporations and corrupt government agencies; that Secret Societies like The Skull & Bones (George W. Bush and John Kerry are members) do exist and hold strong influence over who is elected to positions of both political and financial power? And the list of questions goes on and on.

Ask yourself then. Are the examples above really conspiracy "theories” or are they programs and agendas that are not only conspiratorial in nature, but have been proven to exist based on research, documentation and testimony by many hardworking, dedicated and concerned people? I personally know the answer to this because I, too, am one of those so-called "wacko conspiracy theorists” who has actually taken the time to research these very issues and much more. And my personal findings are nothing short of shocking. But, for those of you who are not quite sure yet and require more confirmation on these and other conspiracy topics… well, there is a little conference I know of.


Copyright © 2007

There are many motivating factors behind why I fund and organize an annual conspiracy conference, which I will fully detail. I started CONSPIRACY CON (and chose that specific name) from the standpoint of being a concerned citizen who is well aware of the many "real" conspiracies and "real" hidden agendas that absolutely do impact humankind. What I've learned these past twelve years is that there is a giant sphere of knowledge with many doors. A dozen years ago I entered, interestingly, through the "UFO" door, but discovered the connectedness of everything, along with some disturbing aspects, at least, in our neck of the “multi-verse.” Yes, watch the skies, but, I say, watch your back too. There are many things going on not just above us, but right under our very noses. We as people are not privy to these realities... by design. There are powerful hidden groups operating on (and, perhaps, in) this planet whose decisions affect all of us, but these same groups answer to none of us. "They" are brilliant at what "they" do (after eons of practice), and "they" are organized and well connected through a series of secret (and not so secret) societies, banking/industrial dynasties and multi-generational royal (by decree) bloodlines existing and operating all over the world.

However, these secret elite we expose at (for example) my conference are the subject of much public skepticism with regards to the reality of their very existence and so-called nefarious agendas. To best explain the current skepticism of anything that challenges the status quo is to understand what is known as "cognitive dissonance." Most of the masses operate day to day with unchallengeable belief-systems as a result of years, if not decades, of carefully calculated programming and indoctrination (again, by design). For example, Hitler knew that if you told a big enough lie long enough that people would believe it, and he was (and is) not alone in this practice. Therefore, challenging any pre-ordained "belief systems" can be especially daunting for those of us in the truth-movement, which for the moment is still somewhat “embryonic” in size.

For those who are skeptical of what I am addressing here, please consider for a moment that what we "believe" (as opposed to intellectually knowing) often has little or nothing to do with the truth. That concept, though, doesn't stop people from having blind faith in their respective gods and/or blind patriotism for their respective governmental leaders. These same people are easily programmed to label people like me as a “Conspiracy Theorist.” Fine, I say. Then I get to call them “Accident Theorists” or “Coincidence Theorists” or “Whoopsy-Daisy Theorists” who truly have not bothered to even attempt thinking outside of the proverbial box.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many open-minded (or rather far less mind-controlled) truth-seekers who are actually looking for the "truth" or, at least, answers. However, if the truth and honest answers are being consciously suppressed from us or manipulated through MIS and DIS-information programs (and said indoctrination) for the purposes of control, domination and enslavement, then it is time we take another approach. This is where I believe I come in, at least, with my own personal philosophy on how to breach that barrier between us and the very truths that shall allegedly set us free.

I would submit for those who "can handle the truth" that the best approach to learning the biggest secrets of this world is to analyze and expose the SECRET-KEEPERS of this world. We may want to consider what the so-called "conspiracy theorists" (a damage-control label) have been telling us all for a very long time... that world events, especially if they are negative, are being plotted out by a handful of elites, or world puppet-masters, (already drunk with power) for the purposes of more and more control over our lives and ultimately total enslavement. Once we accept this hypothesis, we are then going to want to do what any good investigator subsequently does after any negative event... ask himself, "Who benefits the most from this." Then, once one follows the clues, the money & paper trails, one will discover more often than not that they do, in fact, lead to this same group of elites and their organizations. This is certainly what I and many of my colleagues have discovered for ourselves, based on all available evidence… and there’s enough to sink twelve Titanics.

Then, once one accepts where the facts lead him (or her), one must then take another step that any good investigator would take. In order to understand how these secret groups can do the horrible things they do on a daily and planetary basis, one must then "psychologically profile" the minds of this elite group of evil-doers. The best way to do that is to understand and acknowledge something called "pattern recognition." Once one establishes a pattern of behavior (or world-event planning in this case), one can begin to see a larger picture as to the ultimate goals of said elite. In Earth's
case, it is total centralization of literally everything on this planet (power, money, commerce, trade, religion, esoteric knowledge, etc.) into the hands of a very few, along with a massively reduced global population... the survivors of which to be micro-chipped and monitored constantly for total control purposes. There is massive evidence to support this rather grim conclusion.

Another method of understanding the mental and psychological perspectives of the global elite is to study their methods of communication, address and identification. This is usually in the form of symbols and symbolism about
which the elite are totally obsessed. Look at the symbols of any powerful organization, be it a bank, government office, royalty (especially), etc. A tremendous amount of research has been done on the subversive use of symbolism in our world with stunning findings. Sacred symbols (especially) and many archetypes are being use to: 1) classify who and/or what is behind any given organization and 2) to control the people.

I like to give examples. One of which is the symbol used by the Shell Oil Corporation. Many of the symbols used by large corporations date back to the ancient world and the very ancient practice of sun worship. The so-called innocent
looking "shell" in Shell's logo, yes, looks like a shell. But, once you do a little research and understand key archetypes, which are subversively used, you will realize that this very logo, in fact, represents the rays of the sun… and why. NBC (National Broadcasting Company) does an extraordinarily similar thing. The peacock logo also looks suspiciously like the rays of the sun. Again, not an accident. Similarly, you will also see the very significant "pyramid and all-seeing eye" logo, which is, of course, on the back of the (debt-based) One Dollar Bill (or, more accurately, Federal Reserve Note). This symbol (used by the infamous "Illuminati" --- a long story there) is also represented by the Trans-America building in San Francisco and utilized by other banking and corporate entities. There is much history and debate about this particular symbol. However, its importance and significance is obvious simply by the very nature of how often and prominently it is used.

However, in my humble opinion, the most telling and important symbol that is used is the "fasci" (for fascist or fascism). It is represented by a hatchet head wrapped by a bundle of sticks around its handle. This is the classic symbol of fascism, which dates back to ancient Rome. I ask you... if everything is hunky-dory here in America... if we supposedly live in the greatest country on God's green earth... then what the hell is the fasci... the very symbol of fascism... hanging on the wall on either side of the presidential podium in the House of Representatives? Why is it also located on either side of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.? No conspiracy, you say? Pshaw. This is a transparent clue as to how this world is truly run, not to mention a very significant clue as to the mindset of who or what is bent on total control of this country in particular. Unfortunately, as my colleague (and a fantastic researcher), Michael Tsarion, has so aptly observed, most Americans are "symbol-illiterate” (yet again by design). I would say that this even includes those who actually live and work in our nation's capitol.

And, that is not all there is to it. There is an a myriad of other concerns that we address each year, which growing numbers of people are also beginning to voice... like 9-11 and the OK City Bombing (both proven to be inside jobs, which serve only to rob us of more freedoms), Chemtrails (Weather Modification with dangerous Chemicals and Biologicals sprayed from the sky by mysterious aircraft), Mind Control (not just individuals, but the masses through TV, ELFs, HAARP, etc.), the Federal Reserve & IRS (neither government bodies, but privately owned by white-collar criminals bent on pilfering this nation), and any agenda (overt or covert) that falls under the umbrella of the infamous NEW WORLD ORDER about which both Hitler and Bush Sr. publicly addressed (which should provide a small clue about the Bush "crime" family. NOTE: Senator Prescott Bush actually aided in funding Hitler both before and during WWII). More topically, ask yourself… Was Bush Jr. elected or "selected” twice in a row?" Consider for a moment how someone so (allegedly) inept can reach such a position of immense power. I would suggest you look into researching the secret monarchy in this country and its intimate relationship with vote fraud.

And finally, since I have done a considerable amount of homework on the UFO/ET issue, and pairing that with the more terrestrial concerns that I maintain, I have come to a conclusion. I will first qualify what I am about to impart by stating that this is my CURRENT world view. Truth and reality are fluid... constantly flowing and changing. So, my opinions and observations may change in five years --- they may change in five minutes. However, at this moment in time, I am convinced that the very forces I personally wish to expose outright may NOT be human as we know it. “They” certainly do not act human or humanely towards humanity. NOTE: It is much easier to send a species other than your own to the slaughter. Yes? Perhaps then, it is so easy for "them" to do what "they" do to us because "they" are... (drum roll please)... NOT us. We may be dealing with a level of consciousness that could be alien, reptilian, inter-dimensional, satanic, demonic, all of the above, other (than us), etc.

This particular hypothesis would, perhaps, best explain much of the (premeditated) chaos on this planet throughout known history, courtesy of an existing third-party Machiavellian group (which looks upon itself as gods or custodians) who constantly engage earth's population in a variety of dialectics that usually serve to divide a genetically dumbed-down race (the human experiment via evolution intervention). That population (no matter how large) can then be much easier ruled and conquered. Classic! Think of yourselves as pawns in this global game of chess played by the worst of tyrants. For those of you reading this who act as the very servants (military, intelligence, shadow government, etc.) of our country's self-appointed "Monarch Masters," keep in mind that like the Rook, the Knight, and even the Bishop, you too will be sacrificed if necessary to protect the King and Queen.

I have a right and a need to know about our world's true planetary heritage. You have a right and a need to know, as well. We all do. But, conspiracies DO exist, and the suppression of the very answers we seek is an intricate part of that. The problem is that most people don't know... that they "don't know." This is a very bad place to be mentally and spiritually. Many are convinced that they have independently come up with their own world views based on “mainstream" information, which is, unfortunately, totally controlled and, therefore, dangerous pabulum to swallow unchallenged.

Therefore, my mission is to provide a bold forum at which lecturers (who say what few are willing to say) can empower those in attendance with true knowledge and information about why things are the way they are, along with providing potential courses of action and possible solutions to the problems that are literally consciously created for us by the very forces we expose each and every year. Then, it is my hope and wish that those (who traveled for miles from all parts of the country to attend) spread the word in their own respective communities. To further understand my goals and intentions, it is important to know that I have never been politically involved (nor will I ever be) because our political system is already too deeply corrupt and corruptible. This is the reason that I am “educationally” involved. It is our first/best destiny to educate ourselves with as much truth as possible, and then share it with as many who will listen.

Some have asked me if I feel unsafe or at risk because of what I do. They sometimes fear that I’ll be put on some “list” that tags or classifies me according to the ever watchful eyes of our shadowy friends out there. My response is that, again based on all available information, we are ALL on the list… or some kind of list. The human race has been targeted. Get over it! So, let us all step forward and be counted. Others ask about the risk of disinformation being spread at my forum or that spying will occur. Of course, this is a potentiality. We encourage all attendees to maintain their discernment, and we are glad to be spied on… so long as any so-called “Men In Black” purchase a ticket like everyone else and behave themselves. Yes, CONSPIRACY CON may (admittedly) ultimately put me at a bit more risk. But, that’s the sap that gets on your hands when climbing the tall pine tree to get a better view… a bigger picture.

And, what about the ultimate results of my efforts. Do they have any benefits to society? I hope so. Otherwise, I wouldn't get out of bed each day. Seriously. Many ask me, "Brian, what ARE the solutions, etc. We've only heard the BAD news, etc." I say first and foremost that awareness is the most important aspect of the overall solution. If you are not aware of something that is truly affecting you and the entire planet, then how are you even going to know how to deal with it. To know a thing is to change a thing. Or, more familiarly... to be forewarned is to be forearmed. If your enemy knows that you know he or she is going to attack (let's say), he or she will think twice about attacking.

Furthermore, beyond the awareness issue, many of the speakers I invite each year are, indeed, solution-oriented. But, not everyone in attendance is going to agree with each person's ideas on how to fix our current problems. But, again awareness is a fantastic start. If enough “sleeping giants” wake up, then, theoretically, the jig is up and the game is over. Things will dramatically change over the entire planet. The good news (or the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel) is that there is only a handful of world manipulators compared to the 6 billion+ card-carrying earthlings walking the surface of the earth. What if even a fraction of the human race woke up to these realities? Imagine, say, if even just 10% of the world’s (human) population became real truth-based spiritual warriors prepared to create positive critical mass for the rest of the planet. It would be a powerful force and an encouraging goal towards which to work. I live for that day. It must come, or the future of humankind is in serious trouble. It is already… right now. For more information on my conference, as well as my intentions, visit, and navigate to the index/greetings page, which displays my mission statement, as well as my article on the nature of conspiracy.

Finally, much of what I have learned and subsequently shared in this article came from my exposure to the decades-long research of Master Scholar, Jordan Maxwell, who is one of my heroes. He is a honored researcher, a colleague and a good friend. Jordan is one of the people to whom I refer others when it comes to who best can describe how this planet is run and by whom. His knowledge of religion, secret societies, symbols, emblems, language, commerce, etc. is almost completely unsurpassed. As far as I am personally concerned, Jordan Maxwell is a national treasure and an inspiration. He has spoken for CONSPIRACY CON many times, and he will be with us again this year as a special guest to be available all weekend for networking and conversation. His mere presence always improves the credibility, the class and the impact of our conferences dramatically.

As Jordan would say... "You'd better do your homework."

The Cover of TIME Says It All

By Brian William Hall
Posted 2-14-11

We are all continuing to see so-called "objective reporting" articles in the mainstream media on a variety of advancements in technology, but with a clear spin towards selling how positive these technological changes will be for humanity with little or nothing said about the risks and dangers to human rights and privacy. Public Relations firms and secret think tanks have for decades been in the business of "social engineering" and helping to create the news for the sole purpose of furthering globalist agendas, and this is no exception.

On the opposite end of the mainstream spectrum and into a more questioning and suspicious arena, how have we who are, at least, trying to pay attention been warned, for example, about micro-chipping and human implants? One such response has been:

"If you're going to say 'no' to anything, say 'no' to the chip."

As a card-carrying member of that latter arena, my response is a resounding, "AMEN!" I have seen a considerable amount of data on the subject (readily available to all), and that declaration comes with great merit. Yes, it is alarming. But, what is often one major function of an alarm?... "wake you up."

You see, we have been warned (and have seen) that these technologies come with no enforced policy... at first. They will be "benevolently" voluntary... that is, until trends just "happen" to change bit by bit and in such a way that we are all "enforced" to eventually use them just to engage in commerce within society. Or, an "event" will occur that becomes the impetus (dialectic) to impose more and more intrusive technologies (Can you say... TSA?). And, the corporations---in charge of governments and not the other way around---win out once again by design while, at the same time, our humanity is incrementally robbed from us like the Borg in "Star Trek" or the Cyborgs in "Terminator."

And, just like clockwork, voila. Take a look at the cover of this week's TIME magazine. On it is a picture of the back of a human head, but it is completely white and shaven to give it a kind of a-sexual, futuristic or even alien look, which may be the idea (think "THX-1138" with Robert Duvall or "The Matrix" with Keanu Reeves or both incarnations of "Invaders From Mars"). A portal is on the back of the neck with a metallic wire plugged in, obviously linking the person to some form of technology. The header is:


Note first that the magazine is literatlly stating (not predicting) the very date this will happen. But, note also the asterisk at the end of the subtitle. It refers you to a small, almost gleeful, notation on the lower right hand corner that continues (and get this):

*if you believe humans
and machines
will become one.
Welcome to
the Singularity

'nuff said?

Below is the cover taken from the magazine's official website. Take a look for yourself and send it to others. You don't need to read the article to realize that the image is providing the subconscious with a thousand words. The image---not necessarily the words inside the issue---is key. It is the first thing you see, which makes it extremely powerful.


Many of us know that TIME is an Illuminati rag. But, those behind this weekly "menace to minds" have become far more brazen of late, especially now on this topic. Again, forget about the article inside for a moment and just look at the cover. This kind of overt imagery is as transparent, and as "trans-human," as it gets. It is a virtual "plug" to sell you an agenda.

Yours in awareness,

Brian William Hall
Executive Producer

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